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Reviews for "51.2"

(before starting i just realized i forgot to vote for best of september, my apoligies to newgrounds) Tough this seems pretty lazy it has its Meatjuice (yep, that's how i call the game's meaning) but only if you play if properly, not just casually. So hop, 4 stars.

This platformer has some interesting twists to the old formula they are quite welcomed. It includes two games, both quite imaginative.

I recommend you give it a try.

Fun and interesting mechanics, though controlling two people at once is abit clunky. I would rather see a different way of controlling them. Maybe have space button to split and choose who to control? Design was ok, nice paced level design. Good overall!

WOAH. That's why i love Newgrounds so much- for those cool, trully unique and innovative games people are putting here. Helping you out of Judgement is my pleasure, good sir!

nice platformer game. Nothing fancy, but okay game