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Reviews for "51.2"

medals dont work ...

I would give you a higher rating if this weren't so much like your older game Shword. Even the music is the same.

StuffedWombat responds:

Heh, i knew someone would notice the similarities :)

The music sounds the same because i used the same programm to make it, and this programm creates very similar music (at least on my skill level)

the gameplay is similar because simply switching x/y coordinates is a very fast an efficient way to create puzzle plattformers :)

This is an interesting puzzle platformer. My only complaint is that I get confused on the switches. They work even if there is no graphic of a switch. Music is ok, I guess. I like how I got the mechanics with little tutorial.

I feel the audio could've improved a little. The medal get SFX were a bit painful on the ears. Oww. The concept was.. Interesting. I've seen many weird games, and this one is one of them. Not that that is a bad thing, it's just.. Weird. Nice game, anyways.

Wow, that was a really weird game. I was kind of turned off by how strange the gameplay was. It was difficult to understand. At least I got to the third level. The music's just fine. I guess it probably could have been more detailed.

I didn't really know how to get past everything. A lot of it was mostly a gamble. It's still pretty creative. It just isn't something understandable enough for me. It's a pretty interesting setup.

StuffedWombat responds:


I did not have a lot of time to create the tutorials.
should have explained a lot of stuff a lot better.

just a quick summary of the gameplay:
your coursor is a physical object that cant go through walls, pressing the left mouse button teleports your little box to the current place of the cursor.

was/arrow keys:
by pressing w you split your character in two independant characters, controlled by wad and arrow keys. when they both stand still in the same place they merge back into one character (controlled by arrow keys).