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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"

the hook thing and hook up thing is so difficult... it need to close.. and missed it a lot. and the control feels slow..

It's a great idea and really stylish, but it's hard to control. The character seems to skid and float around a lot. Also, the wall grab is really difficult. I mean, I feel like if I just miss a platform I should be able to grab it and pull up, but in practice I always slide down and die.

Not too bad, good graphics and music. It jsut takes me awhile to get where I want to go and get the drop on victims. Neat game though.

The movement dont let me enjoy this game as it should.

Cleared the first area, got to the first village, then slipped and died to my death a dozen times in the first pit area and just... gave up. My patience for platformers that give you butter-legs and demand precision jumps over insta-death pits is gone by this point, because I know it's possible to prevent/fix the mistake.

The aesthetic is lovely and fluid, the premise is solid and enjoyable, but if that's what your gameplay is gonna be then I'm gonna pass.