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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"

I read all the reviews (Searching for a solution for the 12th key actually) and think that there's only one tiny problem, which is the SFX. I suggest fixing that in a future update. I think there's no problem with the chain's length nor with the time it takes to throw it. PLAYERS JUST HAVE TO GET USED TO IT AND THAT'S IT! :P At the end of the game you really master timing with the chain AND the attacks.
Aside from this issue I think that the graphics are breathtaking and the idea is kinda original. What I loved the most is there's a lot of hidden stuff. While searching for the 12th key I discovered 3 Skull locations !! So it's the feeling of discovering more stuff and getting more experienced in the game that pushes people to play it. It is not relatedness, not full autonomy BUT COMPETENCE !
I just opened the programmer's (uhm .. your) chamber and finished the game. I have one question: I'm wondering if killing "The Legend of Dan's Creek" is possible .? Because Every fucking time he jumps in my face I shit my pants. LOL No really CAN I KILL THE BIG FAT UGLY DRAGON-ALIKE SKELETON ASSHOLE WHO SCARE PEOPLE IN THE FIELDS ?

Generally it was a well made, good game which required skill! I came back every day for about 3 days to continue playing it which I do only when I like a flash game.

However what frustrated me was the WORD PUZZLE. Even after reading the hints, I could not find that word. I found it by pure luck when I woke up the next morning and I was between a sleep state and awake trying to think what the word could be. I thought one that made some sense.So I opened my PC, tried it, and BOOM! It was correct. Maybe I had a more clear mind that time but in my opinion I was just lucky. My point is this puzzle is not fair for the non-English players as they have disadvantage. This puzzle is not about skill, its about how well you know the english language and I dont believe its worth wasting so much time on this...At least it would be better giving more hints. So for the players who want the solution to this puzzle keep reading otherwise stop here. I will give it encoded in order to not spoil it to users who read it accidentally ; So if you want the solution just remove the numbers and here you go --> 123T423E243E987T975H

I hope this helped.

Also the keys are a little bit strange... This is not such a big problem as you can setup new ones by the menu but after finding that option I was already used to the default ones. So maybe it would be better to use other keys as default.

So generally it was a good game which I really enjoyed playing just except of these 2 things so I give it 4.5 stars.

Congrats for your work and keep it up!

cant get past the hook tutorial, guy doesn't jump far or high enough to make the hook possible to get past that part, if other people are doing it i don't know how because it's impossible

So, anyone knows how to open the door in the blue building in the "hub" you discover after the third boss?

ggg 2 good 4 me