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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"

This game was more than fun, it really brought some good memories playing it.
It really felt like I was playing Blood Omen platformer.
The controls were fine, like any other good game you just need time to master them.
I found few bugs which is always fun to explore the world and test out it's limits.
Thank you for sharing this "too good for flash" game.

From what I've played, it's a solid, pretty fun game. My problem comes in mainly with the hook. It's just clunky and drops the character too fast for it to be useful, I've died countless times in the dungeon between the left and right regions. I love the death system, it's actually really interesting. I also appreciate that the death area allows for different ways to exit, instead of forcing the hook (the hook is really all I can think about right now). But I also think an in-game explanation about what's going on and why would really go a long way. Sadly for me, I probably won't play the whole game, not necessarily because it's a bad game, but I don't have a lot of time to spend on a game that isn't very accessible, and it just feels too awkward with movement, primarily the hook. Because of that I have to give a 3.5 rating. Other than that stuff, like I said, solid game. I especially enjoy the feeding mechanic, it's super satisfying to see some guy's blood spurting onto the environment around them.

I don't often make reviews without playing a game to completion, and I wish that were not the case with this game as I truly wish I could have experienced everything it had to offer, however, in this case, I feel inclined to share my opinions regardless. Frustrating is the word that I think most aptly describes this game. From the unresponsive controls to the graveyard system so many things in this game left me wondering; why? Why was this done in this manner, who thought this made for a fun experience? An attractive concept with interesting mechanics bogged down by questionable design philosophy- least by my account.

RayBeckham responds:


Interesting looking game but the controls are so weird, it put me off after about 20min.

The controls are weird, but make sense when you start getting into the game. And it's super great that there is custom keybinding if you still don't like it. The mechanics are fun and interesting and secrets are fun to find. But I couldn't finish the game. The Castlevania-esque element of enemies mixed with platforming is great, but it goes from challenging to infuriating when you add in the slippery controls and substantial knockback. The end castle is insanely difficult and making any ground requires you walk in fully loaded and find checkpoints wherever you can. Single block jumps are hard enough to make due to the sliding, then you add 3 huge enemies that drop down like pachinko, and these enemies have a small singular weak point. It may have been a little frustrating. Several times I was knocked back by one into the others and without invincibility frames this killed me instantly. And after all that you go to single block platforming with an instant death drop. At that point I was done and couldn't play anymore.

tl;dr The game is fun and challenging, but the slippery controls make platforming frustrating and unenjoyable.

RayBeckham responds:

The nice thing about the "end castle" is that each area (after a door) has a high and low section, and you can pass between the two several times before the next door. So if an area is giving you trouble, you can back up, jump up or down and go into a section that is probably easier or at least different.

Knockback was added to this game because I thought it was an interesting way of adding skill. You have some control while you are getting thrown around, so the player needs to press away from the direction they got hit... if they keep holding the direction they get hit, they're going to probably get hit a second time.

But some things do combo you to death. You can play my game and never get hit by anything if you git gud. Don't get hit. Especially don't get hit when standing next to a wall, be mindful of your surroundings.

I always thought the jump on level 8-1 of the original Super Mario Bros was hard. You get to this point where you require full speed to hit the 1 block column and immediately jump. SMB doesn't have jump buffering and the gravity is significantly higher than in my game, so trying to mash the jump just right requires exact timing. If you slow down during your jump to stick the landing, you won't have enough momentum to clear the other side and you'll die. Brutal.

Of course, in my game, you don't have to have full momentum or anything. There is a 1/4th second jump buffer, so if you press jump slightly early you'll still jump. If you miss, holding the jump button down means you'll automatically grab the ledge, providing you don't panic and forget how to video game. And I believe in every instance where you have to jump on a single column, you also have the option of using the chain to just cheat on over it anyway.

I thought bouncing off objects with the axe and using the chain across diagonal ceilings was harder. Live and learn I guess.