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Reviews for "Ghost Squad"

I love how you don't need to explain anything and still make it explained, you know? .'^)

Oh shit I would definitely would sell my soul to you guys for making this awesome animation. Please kickstarter this cartoon to become a series on television!


Anybody agree this is better than everything on disney?

The introduction of the characters is very well done. The scene when the bird spirit thing acts like it is going to eat a worm, then kisses it, then smashes it, immediately sets him up as an unpredicable and strange character who is both amusing and frightening at the same time. It is also similar to the way in which he seemingly helps the main character by bringing him back to life, yet at the same time, expects him to die over and over fighting demons without giving him a choice in the matter. I am very excited to see this series play out: the animation is incredible, the style is unique and interesting, the tone and mood of the story is silly and irreverant yet also creepy and cool. I think there's something great beginning here.