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Reviews for "Ghost Squad"

Far out , this was frigging AWESOME. This needs to be a series or something somehow.
Absolutely loved it. Hilarious.

The animation, sound were great! I love the style! The story themeing is overused, unfortunately. And, the way the overused theme is executed is very inappropriate. The character designs are boring, and the character preset personalities are clearly casual cliches.

Audio levels seem to be bit off sometimes, I don't know if that's just on my end. Voices are kinda quiet compared to sound effects and music.

Other than that, this seems brilliant, both in story and art.

that was some pretty fucked up shit, but really great for a 6 minute animation.

just realized: was this originally meant to be released as part of the 'ghost storys' collab of the late night work club? that would be amazing, all my idols in one single group :D