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Reviews for "Ghost Squad"

This is amazing, I'd love to see more.

Loved it mate. Do you do any serious stuff? I'm a fan of the paranormal. I love shows such as Paranormal Lockdown and the original Ghost Hunters, before Steve was promoted to Lead Investigator from Tech. Manager. I was a big fan of Zach Bagans before he sacked his mate, Nik Goff. This turned out to be a bit of a blessing for Nik, because he really landed on his feet with his new show, Paranormal Lockdown. Zak seems to have lost direction somewhat, since he got rid of Nik. In my opinion, the show has lost something.

This reminds me of Noragami(the anime)

Great stuff. I was thinking, "This reminds me of something I'd watch on Nickelodeon back in the late 80's, early 90's" right up until the bird thing showed up. :)

Also, the bad guy at the end sounded like Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time. :)

this was amusing here, unique things and dangerous as well