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Reviews for "Calm HTF"

i love this HTF game! the best part is when petunia says " oh! there is Mr. Pickels with my necklaces strangulating me! " and is so happy while seeying someone killing her! i can do a game like that? you will help me to create it?

RejahCityGuy responds:

Thanks a lot! ^^ And I *might* be able to help, depending on what kind of software you use and my future business.

Game is fine visually, but fairly convoluted in terms of feel. I would take a look at more established point-and-click games and compare how items correlate to make it feel a bit more natural -- half of the things in this game very much feel random. There no real underlying theme or cohesive plot, so it just feels like I'm getting these trivial things for characters I don't REALLY have any reason to invest my time in. Who is my character, why am I here, what significance do my actions have other than the fact that, cool, this bunny has headphones now?

It stands to testament that you really could replace the HTF characters with anything else and nothing would change about the game. Which, in my opinion, you should because this game really doesn't have anything to do with the ultra-gory, sadistic, post-ironic world of Happy Tree Friends. Like, at all. A HTF anything without gore is sort of tantamount to having a Dexter's Lab game without Science, for example.

All in all, this game is a solid effort. But it's amateurish, to be frankly honest -- I have no doubt you will improve with any future games you produce, work on your theming and focus! Good Luck!

RejahCityGuy responds:

Thanks for the review, I'll keep that in mind. ^^

Just a side note, many people have HTF content without gore, and injuries aren't always gore.

"yes yes yes
They are all in rest
but soon they will work again
their suffering will not end"
-Kenn Navarro

I got stuck a few times, but the walkthrough helped. Had to look up character names from time to time to get what's going on, but overall it was enjoyable, with sensible puzzles, and the clues helped with the harder ones. Art looks pretty good, although the items could be done better - it's sometimes hard to tell what they are.

RejahCityGuy responds:

I updated the items :)

Nice game. I really like this adventure, it's easy, but not too much. I've never watched any HTF video before and the game was playable for me. Maybe I would just add names of each character above their heads when I point mouse on them.