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Reviews for "Save Da Hyrule!"

"Put on your socks and shoes, Link!" is gonna be my favorite quote for a while;; really neato bruh

Hilarious gave me a good laugh. Especially the "no one will know who you are without your hat".
Poor lil Link gettin woke up from his semi-sexy dream though.

What. The fuck?

As soon as Zelda's voice started changing I kinda lost it, very funny after that! The beginning was a little weak. That being said great work, love the animation. Oh and as for your response to earlier reviews, maybe a little rude haha but totally valid. I don't think you should feel the need to apologize

MrChambers responds:

Hey thanks man! And i sent him a message apologizing, my response was super un-called for! I still have some growing up to do in terms of taking criticism.

I'd love to play an Ocarina of Time remake where Navi is replaced by that guy.

It's a shame the funniest part of the video is in the credits, which is the harmonica.