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Reviews for "Save Da Hyrule!"

love it dude!

Great animation, great voice acting. Pretty damn hilarious. The colored outlines give it a nice, soft, chubby, fantasy feel.

Top notch

While I subscribe to the idea that everything is derivative in one way or another and therefore don't share Z3R0R3Z' opinion that there's anything wrong with parodies, I have to agree with him to an extent. I watched this earlier today and didn't so much as smirk at any of the attempts at jokes throughout it and rewatching it has had no different a result. Humor is subjective, of course and I'm not usually one to leave reviews entailing myself droning on about not finding a Flash funny for exactly that reason, but in the case of this one, the joke where Zelda lifts her skirt and tells the fat dream Link that she wants him to fuck her strikes me as text book Flash Animator innuendo-filled goofiness that has been a paradigm in internet cartoons for a long time at this point (not implying plagiarism of course, but more of utilizing a very common trope that has arguably been pushed to exhaustion). The second segment flows really nicely, but it drags about a lot; its kind of a Family Guy-esque joke.

You and TopSpintheFuzzy are amazingly talented and inspiring fellows and I'm honestly always enthralled to see anything from either of you two that allows me to see showcases of your fantastic art and animation. I don't think it makes any sense to rate on the basis of whether humor landed, because I think that it makes sense to judge how a cartoon is put together on a fundamental level, since that can actually be remedied; in my view, this knocks every factor out of the park in that respect. The animation, voices, backgrounds, and story structure in this are all nice and polished. I just think there's no harm in holding your writing process to scrutiny during production and taking in critique without inimically dismissing it. I understand that this kind of stuff can take copious amounts of time to make and to release it only to be met with so much as an inkling of a claim toward unoriginality is almost preordained to get on a creator's bad side, but sometimes, even reviews that seem to be written by blithering idiots at face value can be worth taking with a grain of salt.

That doesn't mean that I'm not a blithering idiot as well and shouldn't fuck off; sorry for the block of text. I haven't had much sleep and will probably regret whatever it is I'm on about right now should I ever read it again; I just felt compelled to type something when the first thing I stumbled upon when I scrolled down to read the comments and the first one I saw with a reply consisted of a polite critic being shot down; there's a difference between entitlement and critique; you can deliver whatever you can conjure up and whether to consider, dismiss, or even hearken to input is entirely up to you. You can and should do whatever resonates with you with your work and someone expounding their opinion on it doesn't tacitly or overtly imply that you're expected to provide anything else.

Fuck me and fuck this review. You guys are beautiful; keep it up.

MrChambers responds:

Hey man thanks for the very long and polite review. It was a good read and you have a lot of good points in there! And after reading this i'm starting to think my response to Z3R0R3Z was an over reaction. However I still disagree with his critiq, even though he might have been trying to help. And I know I sound stubborn in saying so but I just don't think there is much I can do with "this animation is textbook" Or the fact that he says I might even be imitating other creators. Cause the truth is, its just not true! I also don't think I was "playing it too damn easy", I just wanted to make a stupid cartoon where some random guy shouts at link.

I like the contrast between links dream and irl. The different styles played well against each other. Your characters were very animated without being over animated and the movement were really cool. Good stuff all round ey thanks for making!

MrChambers responds:

Aye dude thanks a bunch!