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Reviews for "Save Da Hyrule!"

"Put on your socks and shoes, Link!" is gonna be my favorite quote for a while;; really neato bruh

That moment at 0:37-0:38 of Link getting out of bed is just perfect.

I ruv diss vijeo joshy ma boy~

MrChambers responds:

luv u chris

Real funny stuff, everybody that worked on this did a lovely job!

The animation and backgrounds were great, yes, but this definitely isn't very original. A lot of the humor seemed derived from other places (the faces, timing, shouting, ect). Not sure if you're trying to emulate something or just plain imitate but there is already a TON of animated works out there that are doing just this. I'm not dissing; Just looking for more original content on a site that used to be full of it.

This was pretty good but you were playing it way too damn easy. Taking chances is what creating is all about and this is practically textbook. Instead of relying on jokes that have been done before by several other creators maybe try and do something new? Something fresh.

MrChambers responds:

Seriously man? If your looking for more original content why did you click on the Zelda parody. You knew what you were getting into. This review is hilariously entitled, and I just don't have the time to argue all the laughably stupid claims you have made.

EDIT: This response was pretty rude and I regret it very much.