Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

I gotta be honest it didn't really do it for me at the start, but then i got stuck to it! Really good job on the game and the mechanics, and of course of the gameplay layout of the game! Although i dunno why but it lags quite a lot, not that it becomes unplayable but just a little annoying ( my PC has more than good specs, not to brag but just to notify you). Other than that a great game! Kudos!

Wow, I feel bad for not being into these games. I usually love your stuff, but this didn't do it for me. I guess I was just expecting more action. I just care too much about getting medals. I liked the graphics. People who are into this should like that.

Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for an RPG. I seemed to have squandered my best things. I'm not into the game enough to go back. I was never into RPGs. I guess it was just too hard for me.

I'm a huge fan of your Cursed Treasure games and I like the general artistic aspect of our games, and I can tell with certainty that it's a loss you don't have them available on NewGrounds too after soooo much time... they are already well polished and complex. And complete. If you made them available here, I'd play them all over again for some new medals and for old times's sake. It is positively one of the best Tower Defense games out there. But enough of memories...
Sacred Treasure is simply a gem! It got me captivated in the first minutes and I'm well decided to finish it. I'm already sad it doesn't have more acts. It also brings back some nostalgic memories about the old RPGs... I mean the random item drops remind me of a Diablo-style gameplay. I love the humor, this is what makes a story nice if you don't take the dark route.
Good job!

A compelling game of the good, old type, but a bit flawed here and there.
Judging by the "Author Comments" (*** The game is published worldwide after more than a year of exclusive hosting on Armorgames.), I doubt any suggestions for improvements would be of any use, but...
Movement could've been improved by allowing arrow keys (or wasd for those who prefer that).
By the time it takes for a chest to go from triggered to exposing it's contents, I am able to smash and collect the contents from 3-4 nearby barrels. i.e. it feels a bit slow upon opening chests.

It also feels a bit lacking in the intel-department. For instance: Does the shock-attribute cause stun, or is it just a type of elemental and additional damage that does nothing more than just adding to the total damage? Inflame seems to be a damage-over-time type of damage, but does it inflict the stated damage once over the stated duration, or does it deal the stated damage once per second over the specified duration? Skill on mage states: "Inflamed enemy receives 100% hero damage during 5 seconds." As I see it, it's kinda ambiguitive/possible to interpret in more than one way.

Last on my list is how excess equipment is sold. Sure, it's always a good feature when a game has selling implemented into the inventory, as this game has, but (and this is my laziness speaking), it could've been slightly better if there was a quick-sell function, i.e. holding a specific key while clicking on an item, rather than having to drag it from it's position down to the bottom-center of the screen.

Other than those somewhat insignificant, yet improvable points, the game is a good time-killer if you've got nothing else to do.
(Feels like this review is missing something, but whatever. If I know myself, I'll realize what it's missing after I submit it...)

Really enjoying it. Only problem i see is the spammable health potion. Taking away the challenge from some enemies.
Keep up the good work :) ( also hope secretly for more updates for this game :D)