Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

This game is completely unbalanced.

I've being playing this game for a while now as a mage and find it tedious and frustrating. The description for the mage said they are ranged fighters but I run out of Mana WAY too fast so I can only attack in close combat. I spend most of the time watching my HP and using health potions. I'm above level 10 and the difficulty went up disproportionate to my skills and equipment. What really kills it is there's no healing spell.

Just to check, I opened up a new game and tried the Fighter. The game now plays EXTREMELY better. What makes it worse is not only does the Fighter has a free attack (circular cut) which already makes him better than the Mage but you also get a Stun attack. This is straight after the tutorial too.

I'm not bothering with the Angel class, so I couldn't tell you what they're like.

On the plus side, the graphics and sounds are good and I like the banter and variety. Pity gameplay is what matters.

's alright. Decent western-style dungeon crawlers


The game is clearly unfinished and being apparently over a year old makes me doubt there'll ever be an act 3

Poor start. You have little ability to do much and the game is at it's hardest

Conversely, the game gets really easy after a bit, and consequentially kind of dull

The reliance on randomly activated passives is irritating, especially when loot is already random

You need a lot of +MP gain if you want to use actives much

Mechanics can be kind of unclear, particularly with player and enemy effects not quite matching up

So, overall I enjoyed it enough to finish the sorceress's campaign, but I don't think I'll be coming back to try other characters or get into the postgame

I'm really impressed by the fighting mechanic - great mix of real-tife and turn based time.

Graphic is nice.

Items could be more varied. As of know it's the longer you play the better the items you get. As a player I would really love a chance to look for that epic, legendary item with outrages stats instead of "the longer, the better" logic.

I wonder if I will be returning to play so more. We will see about that.

I felt lost in the skill tree - wasn't sure in what skill I need to invest to unlock other skills. What are requirements for unlocking.

Well done!

keep up your great detailing!