Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

I went through the entire game and all the extra missions as a caster, though it quickly became just a melee fighter with spell procs and a shield spell. Had to hunt down damage reduction and status immunity gear to stand a chance, then sit there for ~15 rounds auto-attacking each time. I hope the knight at least can go through things faster? I would suggest removing that nasty HP bonus from the 'Might' enemy enchantment, the damage bonus is hefty enough to be going on with.

The delay in attack speed caused by auto-procs became annoying when my character would sit there turning the same monster into a chicken for four or five rounds solid. I really think my major complaint about this is that fights take forever and I'm basically sitting there waiting for passives to proc or spamming potions until they do. The meteor and magic missile cost the equivalent of 20 and 10 auto-attack rounds of MP recovery, and you can't stack up MP-gain gear when you need every piece of '- enemy damage' you can find.

Finally, it'd be nice if there were something that happened when you beat the last Act aside from stuff just vaguely dropping off. Tried clearing all the hard and impossible modes, got nothing plot-wise either. Does it just end here? I might have missed something too, half my achievements weren't even registering near the end, even state-based things like gaining level 20.

I suppose it's too late to ask you to develop further plot on a year-old game... sorry we won't eventually find out exactly what's going on. Thank you for bringing this over from Armor Games, all the same.

I actually really liked this game. I played through first as the sorceress and beat the game. There was some grinding that needed to be done on Act 1, but not too much. Then I went back and did it with the knight. It was much easier as the knight, but still enjoyable. overall great game. Was definitely worth playing through.

I didn't mind Dark Soul's difficulty. What I didn't like was how it got harder every time you died. That was a terrible mechanic and people only forgave it because it would make them seem less "hardcore" and "skilled" to whine about something difficulty-related. It was an emporer's new clothes situation.

This game has that same mechanic which in my opinion is a big mistake.

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Block will stop your attack. Maybe freeze or stun just the god

I play the warrior class and i am level 11 now. Like in the post before the difficulty wents up too fast, so that i have to farm health potions in the lower levels. I don't know if this is intended but its kind of tiring.

In addition to that i think that counterattack doesn't work as it should. At the maxed out level there is no instant counterattack (don't know if it was there before). When i block an attack the next damage i deal (after 1-2sec) is my autoattack which is only named as an counterattack. So there is no real additional damage next to my autoattack which makes the whole shield mastery path quite useless.