Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

You should add an save button if someone isn't using that website to save.

From reading other comments it looks like there are many ways to win. I got a very strong mage character that just shuts everything down with special auto attacks and a freezing wand, and gear that increases special attack chance. With Student gear and my epic wand and magic booster, I get +20% to special attack chance, so enemies spend most of their time either frozen or a chicken, and the other special auto attacks trigger very often to heal me or deal damage. You only really need 1 level of each of the special auto attacks. It's too bad the story isn't complete. I would have liked to fight Gregory after his clearly nefarious plans are revealed.

Game is not so hard.
For caster just max Meteor and damage tree. Then get the skill and max it the one that makes potions recover mana that way you can spam meteor.

Very addicting and fun game! Is there a place where it's possible to see all the equipments? I've beaten the normal run of the game, though I'm still hunting for better equips.

I saw your game, nice game man,