Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

AAGH! That's my battle cry. Got really into this once I made a second account. The mage makes things easy, but the warrior isn't really half-bad. I just cannot figure out how you can get the naked pub crawl medal. How many potions would you need for that?

I generally like it, but I have a few suggestions to make it epic.

First, I'd like a tally of bonuses and effects somewhere. Some effects, like the pickups for damage and defense, can never be seen numerically, and it's a pain to scan around the equipped rondelle to figure out whether you have one or the other immunity, or total up your XP & gold bonuses, etc... Perhaps put the blank space in the middle of the skills screen to use.

I'd like a quick way to equip an alternate set of gear... Perhaps some buttons to the side of the inventory rows, that replace the active gear with the entire row abutting it.

Finally, the idea of replaying each scene 3 times (twice in a row) makes the levels feel repetitive and takes away the feeling of progressing along the storyline. Perhaps add an alternate mechanism to unlock special armor, like side-quests that take you out of the scene area to find spare keys/means to prove your worth to the elf and unlock a piece you choose.
Alternately, randomizing the levels between play-throughs would work, but creating a good random level generator is way more work than adding one or two side-quest levels per scene. Actually, I'd go mid-way and design 9 levels each of dungeon and wilderness, then have each side-quest be a crawl though a random 3 out the the 18 hand-built levels.

The game has a lot of depth and is well presented. I dislike the art choice, it makes all characters look like midgets.

I recommend.

Since this is abandonware, my thoughts are just about equal in value.

The theory is good. It's based on numerous RPG's from the past. nothing new or innovative, but OK to play for an hour or so.

|My chief complaint is lack of rewards and balance. Run through the levels on easy. This unlocks medium to medium hard, Run through those levels, gain armor that's "epic." As in epically weak. by the time I gained enough EXP to run through the prior levels, the crap I gained was double the worth of the "special" equips from the previous levels. Finishing prior levels on "Hard" has no significant value.

The enemies are the same, every freakin' time. Just reskinned for the next area. They all die the same, incinerate the same, and regenerate the same. Blah, Blah, Blah, wash, rinse, repeat.

not horible, but not worth more than 15-20 minutes of your time. 3/5

dude, i really wanted to like this game. i tried. it was engaging enough at first, but as other reviewers have pointed out, the gameplay gets a bit tedious. so, that in mind, i decided to close my browser after finishing up the first act and come back later.

that's when i got to find out that there is no save function without using armorgames.

so much time spent playing this game and grinding, all flushed down the toilet.

i completely refuse to go all the way back through just to have the same damn thing happen the next time i need to step away. this is an absolute game-breaker, as sitting down to beat everything in one playthrough would be asinine. had i been able to save the game, it would be a mildly entertaining dungeon crawler, but as it stands i find it unplayable, if only on the grounds that i don't want to restart the game every single time i play.