Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

I really do love this game. The only problem I ever remember having in both my playthroughs (had to try out both chars!) was a glitch where I just walked off the ground and moved endlessly in a single direction. I don't know what triggered it, but it sucked because I was two enemies away from finishing Hard for Act II, Level 6. My character just walked.. and walked.. and walked, off the play area and onto the background, which I now know continues endlessly offscreen. Other than that, this game is amazing.

This is a fun little sprite game with leveling up, strategy, resource management, and isomorphic layout.
The basic method of game-play makes this easy to pick up and play with no need for the tutorial, for the veteran. Kids should enjoy the easy interface that can be operated with just a mouse with or without a few keys. The design is decent with a lot of banal familiarity. You're either a mage or a warrior, and your choices of weapons in early levels are very limited until you get into later stages. Enemies have decent variety in nature and levels. Obelisks provide power-ups or healing that help in boss battles.
Levels are designed as rooms that you clear.
While this is not the most original game, it is a fun way to spend your time, and as free games go, is really good.

I don't normally like games with an isometric viewpoint, but using my mouse instead of WASD or the arrows actually made this playable for me. Overall a very cool game. I especially enjoyed all the little mechanics one would consider when optimizing their character, especially the presence of the DPS stat.

I do, however, have one MAJOR complaint: That there's a maximum character level. I mean, if I could completely upgrade the character, that wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Once I learn that a game like this caps your upgrades, I tend to lose interest.

You should add energy, it regens over time either offline or online. Energy allows you to finish levels that are cleared in a button click.

Gets old fast.