Reviews for "Sacred Treasure"

Very good

Now this was a very good game you have here the graphics was nice the rpg style and the visual of the board was really nice too the medals are a nice touch and make this game really fun there was so much great AI it was a really solid game here you have a nice energy in this game too.

no major changes maybe some added flashy effects on battle moments.


Pleasant wee game

wow, final mission in very hard, is crazy

The game is nice, I made a playthrough with sorceress with impossible missions done as well, the way I see it the game looks nice but could use a faster pace, maybe by giving an option to disable animations. Other than this, the difficulty curve should be a bit steeper, after the first act in normal mode the game becomes increasingly easy and the hard and especially the impossible missions just end up as a walk in the park.

I really love this game...however, I had a problem with saving. I have no clue how to keep my save game on Newgrounds, and whenever I tried to play on Armor Games.com, I got the most severe lag spike known to mankind. Does anyone know how to actually save this game on this site?