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Reviews for "See No, Hear No, Speak No Madness"

What Is the song that he pulled the red button

They all look like dicks

Awesome! :D

It's a whole new style of madness! I like how their template-like faces have gained some expression too, the templatistic cross become a feature more than a placeholder. And the story: creative! Not sure how to take that twist at the end, what's real or not real, but it's improbably... the lighter version. Since it is... Madness!! Amazing work.


Great animation. The end gave me very... alluring chills. That transition between comfortingly and soothingly happy to the very chilling and ominous visions of the world of Madness was well-played. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines:

"Take a deeper peek and see The Evil Within... Now flash back to sunflowers, and a country-house..."

What was the song used at the end there? I would love to put it in my playlist.