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Reviews for "See No, Hear No, Speak No Madness"

The end was truly compelling.

The art style is so cute

Very smooth

So here was some smooth animation and a little new twist on the whole madness theme of things here you really made a smooth animation here it also had some deep music as well making it some very nice element of a good film so I was impressed with the new twist on the art style with the old madness theme as any changes or suggestions I would say make more of these they are pretty awesome and we'll made

Make more of these great films


Oh here we go

Somewhere in Nev... NEVERLAND


Great animation in an original style that really brings something new to Madness. Every part was delightful to watch because it had its own separate premise and idea. The end is quite cryptic but in a good way. I guess the moral is just don't break the Improbability Drive. Good job.