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Reviews for "Sky Age"

Man, simply awesome! :)
The graphics are beautiful!

thought meh at first but it grows on ya

It took me a bit to find the World Map in the Menu. That is key. The game takes time. Slow increase in money to improve your airship.

From what I can tell, you bring passengers or goods from city to city, but clicking on the person standing in the city. This will give you $$. Not all cities have passengers handing out. Also responding to SOS will give you $$. Not entirely sure how the rankings of your crew or inventory works yet. Once you are able to shoot down another ship, collect (fly through) the hot air balloon to get a reward $$.
(just when my weapons were good enough to take out other airships, I lost mine. had to start from scratch)

needs work, you can buy things and then immediately sell them for a profit. for a fixed purchase price you can sell the same item back for varying amounts, depending on which of your item slots the item lands in.

I don*t get it. Even with 5 cannons and a level 2 Balloon I'm still not strong enough to kill a very basic enemy? Well, at least i thought it was a basic enemy. Since they don't have any healthbar or any other information about there armor or level or something else ... i guess you get the point, right?

I can fly around, fight and die. That's all i discovered in the first 15 minutes. Maybe start your game with a walkthrough?

Oh, and one last thing: after dying and return to the next city instead of repairing the ship, you should make sure to enter a city where the ship can be repaired. Right now I'm simply stuck and can't leave the city. "Not enough components on the ship".