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Reviews for "Final Showdown"

The base you give in the beginning of the song is good, it takes me back to the old days where 8-bit reigned supreme. There's just a small problem. It is good, but the ending needs some work. I don't know if you can hear it, but it seems to me that when you get to the fading out part, it just makes you want to listen to something else. I'm not trying to get people to hate me, but there is that one problem. Also, it's kinda short.

There also is the problem of how people are making good music in a short time. Take some more thought into what you can add, like more synth, and add it in! don't be afraid to let people judge you on what you added, as long as you do it without hesitation. You need to add more synth into it, it feels lackluster. I know I said one problem, but the song repeating in my head is a whole different song than what I listened to. Here's another suggestion you could do. Add a better Aspect to the intro. Now that I think of it, it sounds like you cut into the music at the very start. Make it sound nonexistent, than add the sound at a low key, and bring it higher the more you progress. That should lengthen the song.

All in all, you have a good base for a substantial remix. It is well-laid, except for minor issues, and it deserves more attention.

GobSmacked responds:

Thx man I appreciate it :D

I love it!
you are very talented!

chip tune and drum and bass? You are after my heart it seems. Good work keep it up.

GobSmacked responds:

hahah thx m8. I appreciate it :D

I like this a lot! It's simple and nice. Your mixing could use work though - everything feels centered, and the ending didn't really feel satisfying to me. Nice idea though.

Try using arrangement as a tool for loudness rather than just slamming everything in the center and trying to overpower other instruments with sheer volume. Adjust the panning on your instruments, etc.