Reviews for "Volkor X - This Means War ACT I (Official Video)"

(insert thumbs up)

part one? There will be more then? This alone is awesome enough. Can't wait to see what you produce in the future.

Love how there is a lot of frame animation with the pixel art.

As a fan of the 80's and pixel art enthusiast the brilliant pixel art style in stunning 60 fps seems to suffice it in any level! You win the internet for this!

Congrats on the award and high rating! This seemed like a cut scene for a game here. I still enjoyed it a lot. It's mostly because of how beautiful everything looks. I though there would be words in this. It still works great as a music video.

The colors are wonderful. I guess purple could be the color of the future. It has so much heart in it. I've never heard of a song submitted here through parts. I look forward to the next ones!