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Reviews for "Madness Unleashed"

Watched it twice, all i can say is that this was just AWESOME! it wasn't boring at all especially the short sword fight was really good, amazing job man!

Gabriel you only have good ideas
On a more serious note, your characters have so much personality it's not even funny. I love the expressions; you're the only Madness animator I know of who does those.
I deducted half a star for that damn plot twist cliffhanger in the after-credits scene, though. I need to know more about these characters! How does MadnessCrazy relate to the female madness character from your 2015 MD Animation?!

GabrielBarsch responds:

they used to be engaged in some serious relationship in the past
but they broke up for reasons unknown

This movie is pretty better, musics is also better. Sprites is also better. 5 stars!

Haha cool, appreciated all the shitty memes

Cheeki Breeki