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Reviews for "Madness Unleashed"

Awesome,incredible and the música are so cool

Great, angle. you always great make it..!
I always watching you`re animation, so I feel surprise this last screen I saw that your movie 'Pashed' and 'Incident:123A'. so many curious why 'wolfman' (I don`t know this guy`s name) with a girl picture.
anyway very awesome action and character story, you`re character is so many be attractive.

VOTE 10/10.

no, no more memes
seriously though, good job

Gabriel you only have good ideas
On a more serious note, your characters have so much personality it's not even funny. I love the expressions; you're the only Madness animator I know of who does those.
I deducted half a star for that damn plot twist cliffhanger in the after-credits scene, though. I need to know more about these characters! How does MadnessCrazy relate to the female madness character from your 2015 MD Animation?!

GabrielBarsch responds:

they used to be engaged in some serious relationship in the past
but they broke up for reasons unknown

Awesome video m9! Keep it up! I loved that one guy that had a scope on his knife X3