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Reviews for "Arise 2"

I played around 10 rounds of this with the default character, and think it's well-done, with only one issue.
I love the graphic art style and the sound design. I also think that this is perfect for the mobile platform; it lends itself to replayability quite well with the short play sessions. What program did your team use to compose the music?
As for the only problem I have, the game's general aesthetic seems to be retro, suggested by the music, graphics, and some of the sound effects. The glaring issue comes in with the sound effect played upon a bird-to-bird collision; it's an analog pinball machine bumper! While I realize that you're trying to convey that two objects bounce apart upon collision, the analog, realistic sound effect contrasts with the retro-style limitations. I suggest creating a new sound effect in your music composition program which conveys the bounce while adhering to the aesthetic. Try listening to the NES "Pinball" audio for inspiration. Otherwise, this game is excellent.
Thank you for creating this game, and I might just pay this a download on Android.

Mantis1 responds:

I think Genclops used Femitracker to compose the music. Then I went in and increased the pitch and tempo with Audacity! I also used SFXR to generate most sound effects.

When I was making the first game, my goal was to make a faithful remake with uniform pixel graphics and NES sounds, and you can play that! So for the sequel, I wanted to try something new and was inspired by Hotline Miami to ditch that faithfulness as long as it doesn't feel jarring. I was even planning to get another composer to remix the music and change all other sound effects. You are entitled to disagree, but I became happy with how the aesthetics turned out so I just released the game.

Once you get a hang on it, it's really fun!

Good but the music firstly hurt my ears.

This is awesome, even better than the first one. The graphics are all revamped and pretty, and the music is kickass as always.

I like how, this time around, the different birds and characters you can get actually make a difference in the game's mechanics, with some of them being faster, others being able to double jump, others being able to survive hits, etcetera. That adds an extra degree of variation and possibilities that I really enjoy.

All the classic obstacles are there, including the blocks, the arrows, the lava, and this time there are also birds themselves, trying to climb with you, that stand in your way and bounce around. All that is so epic, and I'm sure there are many things I haven't even seen yet.

In the first game, seeing the leaderboards was easy, and in this game, there's apparently no option to do so. That's pretty much the only gripe I have with this game.

Mantis1 responds:

You can still see the Newgrounds leaderboards under the game window, next to the medals tab!

While seeing the leaderboards in-game would've been cool, it's too much work because the Newgrounds API doesn't come with that functionality in Unity (unlike flash), and my next game is a bigger priority!

Very tricky game

So this was a very tricky game you have here the walls are hard but guess thats the idea here with this game it was fun and I liked the game you have a nice game and the medals made it fun so nice game indeed, so really good energy with this game you have some nice ideas here

maybe even more medals would be nice