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Reviews for "Ena"

7.8/10 - Too much water

Of all your Newgrounds tracks, this is your worst in my opinion. Not saying it's bad, not at all, just all the others are better. Time Leaper is my favorite, then Realms, then Skystrike, then Outbreaker, then this one. As I told you, I'm writing a novel series based on your songs here, and I dropped this one to include Explorers because it was also better in my opinion.

As always, great work Hinkik.

I can very well understand why other people like this song. Although I'm not too much of a fan. The melody is repetitive throughout the entire song. Of course it's a decent melody. But come on, at least add something into the mix. I like the feel of the video game style, it's not a bad song in general. I would just prefer a bit more melody and sound. So in your next track, try to focus on the melody and sound rather than adding instruments to make it more upbeat.