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Reviews for "Ena"

Awesomeness... It really sounds like EnV. Ha, change the A to V :b

Another amazing song from you. Possibly my favorite from you, too. The beats sound perfect together, and the song is very upbeat (normal for you). I'm late to review this, but who cares. :v

Pretty good, but like you said, CHEESY

Very good song

Of all your Newgrounds tracks, this is your worst in my opinion. Not saying it's bad, not at all, just all the others are better. Time Leaper is my favorite, then Realms, then Skystrike, then Outbreaker, then this one. As I told you, I'm writing a novel series based on your songs here, and I dropped this one to include Explorers because it was also better in my opinion.

As always, great work Hinkik.