Reviews for "Madness Evolvation Collab"

Djjaner? COUNT ME IN!

Was an alright Collab. I thoroughly enjoyed Djjaner's parts the most, and I really enjoyed the way he incorporated gibb animations into his scenes. He did it in a unique way that was satisfying and hard hitting, and I also enjoyed the custom gore he put on his spirates, instead of just using the main madness blood wound spirates. Dark110 had some good quality parts to the collab as well! The rest of the collab felt like all it had were animation tests and bad jokes, which in my opinion takes away from the content of the collaboration. I feel like people who make tests should post them in their dump box and ask for critique from other animators instead of posting it for everyone to see, because when you make an animation on newgrounds and you post it for everyone to see, you want people to see the individual content of that said animation, not 30% original content, 70% random tests. This is my criticism and opinion though.

Kreepah responds:


Soo good!!


Good job! Keep it up.