Reviews for "When Goats Join Cults Demo"

great game if u are having trouble with any endings beware of spoilers ahead...

to get make love,not goats keep going to were the lady and man are having sex till u get it
to get boom roasted just sit at the table
to get so close fale the secret handshake
to get you are stupid and naked drop the chest on the 1 who wants u to sit on the table to eat go back in 2 the center after u go in a room
to get hoooray? complete the handshake by giving the gaurd a book putting on a robe and completing the secret handshake the handshake being up left right down or its randomized theres a cheat sheat for the game

I figured out how to crash the game. If you go to the library, get them to toss the book, leave and then come back and pick it up it crashes the game. Just something random i found, thought you would like to know.

HershallCook responds:

Thank you! I'll fix that this weekend.

Love the idea! The only thing I'm disappointed with is that I want more. Great concept, and I love the multiple endings. I CAN'T BELIEVE I GUESSED THE SECRET HANDSHAKE BEFORE I WENT INTO THE FORBIDDEN ROOM. I laughed so hard! None of the secret endings are too hard to find, and all of them were very funny. Great game!

Great game, definitely pledging to the kickstarter.
The kickstarter is very fairly priced

HershallCook responds:

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I liked this game. There are some typos and grammatical errors, the author should look to verify his wordings with a text processor.

I recommend.

HershallCook responds:

If you can name any specific instances, PM me and I'll fix them! Glad you enjoyed the game.