Reviews for "When Goats Join Cults Demo"

I like how weird the theme and story of the game is.
This might be a metaphor of someone who joined a cult?
I'm in love with the author now hehe

HershallCook responds:

It's a mutual love so long as you donate to the Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/292605641/when-goats-join-cults/

Enjoyed everything from the music to the twisted concept, the weird character the multiples endings...

It is a must play if you have a ounce of sense of humor.

Great game nice job! the game needs a bigger environment though.

Pretty fun actually

Nice game :D


Boom! Roasted - Head to the right and sit at the table. Select any option and wait.

So Close - Head to the left and grab the book that flies from the shelf. Go back to the right and go up. Give the book the the person and grab a suit. Go back down and goto the right. Push the box ontop of the man. Go back to the center, then to the right, then back to the center. Fail the handshake.

You Are Naked And Stupid - Head to the right and jump over the table. Push the box into the guy's head. Go back to the center, then to the right, then back to the center.

Make Love, Not Goats - Repeatedly talk to the two lovebirds in the back of the library until they accept you.

Hooray? - Same as "So Close" except do the handshake correctly. (Up Left Right Down)

Shameless - Click the kickstarter button.