Reviews for "When Goats Join Cults Demo"

I really like this. It's got a nice sense of humor and what I presume is just your art style *shots fired*. On a serious note, it's a really fun albeit short thing to play. But I guess that's just because it's a demo huh? The only "problem" I had with it was being stuck in the forbidden room for, like, 15 minutes, god I suck at platforming. The characters all had their personalities, and the fact that you'd always get eaten at the end anyways made it feel kinda like an uphill struggle, but exercise is good for you, no? After getting the my first ending (which was the fourth i think) I was like "aww snap I died" And I proceeded to say that four more times while laughing. This is a pretty solid demo to what should be a pretty solid game that I look forward to seeing. Five alpha stars. You can't get whole stars because I haven't finished the rating system. for now all you get is this closed alpha.

I have never tasted a goat. How to let it live.

If such a cult existed I would probably join it I played this game because of a you tuber I know as Markiplier he uploaded it on his channel you should check it out I loved the humor in the game one of my favorites.

This game is just great, I love all the endings. But... the make love not goats ending almost killed me. If the demo is this good, I can't even imagine how good the full game would be!

HershallCook responds:

Thanks! I hope the full game lives up to your expectations! It's slated for release in a few months.

Hahahahaha, Gruesome and hilarious!
is it just me or does this feel reminiscent of a certain simulator involving Goats?

Bravo HershallCook 5Stars