Reviews for "When Goats Join Cults Demo"

Very well done coding and a good simple/retro feel. Game plays smooth and the dark humor is spot on for a game this light. Only complaint is that I can't figure out is the third meddle, "You are naked and stupid." but that's my inability, not a mark on the game.

God i suck at parkour...or jumping in general

5 out of 5 goat horns!

- Plus -
It involves goat culture.
Brazzers level like goat love action.
Did i mention it has a goat?

- Negative -
Could have more goats.
It was sometimes offensive to the goat culture, thus disrespecting the goats.

*PS: Really great job on the game though man, lots of funny stuff!*

HershallCook responds:

"5 out of 5 goat horns" is a quote that almost made our Kickstarter page for What People Are Saying. (Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/292605641/when-goats-join-cults/)

Regarding your criticism, I assure you the expanded version will definitely have more goats. It's great you enjoyed the game; if you want to join a larger, more epic and goat-filled version, I'd appreciate a donation.

It was nice

HershallCook responds:

So are you!

Fun and Creative!