Reviews for "When Goats Join Cults Demo"

I was hoping getting all arrows right during the eating would trigger an ending where the goat eats all the cultists.

the timing for the handshake seems a little off. maybe its just me.

"You are naked and stupid" requires you to be not naked for some period of time Wolfman111111.

Fun, Funny, Irreverent good game. A little short.

HershallCook responds:

That's not quite right -- it's one of the endings. Trigger the main ending without wearing a uniform and the Corpulets will notice. Check out the walkthrough for more details.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Very well done coding and a good simple/retro feel. Game plays smooth and the dark humor is spot on for a game this light. Only complaint is that I can't figure out is the third meddle, "You are naked and stupid." but that's my inability, not a mark on the game.

God i suck at parkour...or jumping in general