Reviews for "Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure"

I really liked this game. Most of the time I don't like voice acting, but I enjoyed it here. It wasn't obnoxious and was an appropriate length and gave good hints. The puzzles were fun and interesting. I would play a full game like this if given the chance. Almost reminds me of Pajama Sam.

really cool & short game

Okay for a five minute game.

Pretty easy but fun regardless. Its been a while since your last game so Im happy youre back :D

Super game my friend. A little on the easy side but that made it fun, although I did have to stop and gather more clues at one point. I loved the art and characters even though there were only two. Voice acting was kinda amature sounding at best. Overall, I loved it!

also, a hint for anomynus, the answer is in the billboard.