Reviews for "Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure"

Even shorter and easier then usual most Carmel games, my usual time is 12-15 minutes, this was 8 minutes.

The storekeeper should really have reacted to explosion on 2nd floor and the protagonist should have taken more gold from that mine. Btw a wagon of gold just hanging around - that is more then a few countries reserves of gold.

Very rushed adventure game.

The two-digit locker has a jester hat printed on it. Note the picture of the two jesters behind the shopkeeper. The rest is easy to figure out from there...

this game wasn't put together that well. For one thing, and i may very well have missed something, there is no way to find and know the 2 digit safe combo. the first puzzle is also confusing because it relys on something that is not accurately portrayed, and therefore disorienting. I know that the whole purpose of these games is to direct to a different website to generate ad revenue, but this is ridiculous.

This was pretty good but judging from the title, I was expecting a ghost town, not a gas station, a gorge, and a mine. Nonetheless, you did a great job here and I enjoyed playing this.

I've always thoroughly enjoyed your games! Click games like this are simply the best, kinda reminds me of freddie fish hehe

I love the voice acting btw!