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Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

The animation is good, but the game makes no sense, it is completely arbitrary, no way of knowing what is the right thing to do, to win u just got die 100 times to find the right way and then got memorize the order of the things, wich is not even a game, is just a story where you push the button to go forward, besides the button dont even respond 50% of the time wich is also frustrating.

If you made a game with this style would be awesome. Like good old thing-thing.

This is terrible. I'm a long time fan of the whole Madness series, but this is just terrible game design. I couldn't handle it after five minutes. The hit detection is god-awful. I have hi-speed internet, there's no lag, it's just ridiculous as it is, especially needing a mouse. If you're going to make a quick-time event game, don't make it so it just pisses everyone off. Terrible.

i mean this game made me rage

Djjaner responds:

i know...

Thats impossible because sometime button not working,thats so weird

Djjaner responds:

I know...

le doy al boton de la hacha y no me funciona