Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"


I love this game as well as the first. The boss battle was hard but rewarding. Somehow in the last part, I got every thing right. I know some people think it was too hard, but I enjoyed it!

Fucking amazing !!!
Waiting for the part 3.

I can't deny that a huge amount of work went into this. The animation is great.

My only complaints is that some of the QTE's feel janky in detection (knife thrower), and that the animation teleports a bit if you press things quickly. Otherwise, great work!

gg game [1PT] [2PT]
nice to play alone in the Madness
is boss so not good boss killed....
ok...play now alone in the madness [pt1] like now
is fan is good
i ilke music the kill boss :)