Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

This game's main thing is Trial and Error. It gets pretty frustrating at some bits being very fast, but thankfully, there aren't any lives. If this game had lives I'd hate it. I enjoyed the boss fight, but I think how the boss fight rewinds to the checkpoint should've been applied to every single one, but I guess that wouldn't really be fair because you wouldn't have any breathers. I enjoyed it.

that boss fight tho

This is the best game of all time

I'll say the same thing as the first one. This should have been a movie. It's barely a game, you just try clicking things fast enough and hope whatever the character does is good. Trial and error isn't gameplay, it's a frustrating exercise in futility. Is seeing the end of whatever this is worth trying 50 times to get the sequence correct and click fast enough? The answer is no. Action is okay but this isn't something people should have to deal with to see it.

i cant wait for PT3!!!