Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

The gore is good, the music is decent, but I ended up tabbing out and watching a playthrough on Youtube because this game is just absolutely infuriating. I'd click on the correct button just in time, but the game itself wouldn't register it, resulting in several unfair deaths. A lot of the time, I'd click on what was probably the correct choice, but I would be one nanosecond too late, and it would play a death animation, possibly making me thing that the correct choice was the wrong one.

Then, because things move as quick as they do, I'll be too busy subconsciously thinking about the last death and how to avoid it that I end up just making an avoidable mistake, resulting in another death.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to burst a blood vessel because of this.

even though i highly doubt it at this point, will you ever make part 3, i would love to see what happens when a volcano erupts in a zombie apocalypse.

also, what does the colour code for the buttons mean? i think red means kill or attack but the others idk '\_(0_o)_/`

This Game never Gets old

Djjaner, this game is just incredible! the amount of detail put into it is just astounding! Keep up the great work! And keep those Madness collabs going! And a huge thanks to MadCzech for the astounding effort in assisting Djjaner. Well done.

This is a pretty fun game,the only problem is that when i press a button sometimes nothing happens,please fix this thank you