Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

Realy fucking awsome.
The Boss batle was the best! And the hardest.

The sound track was brilliant.
Just Epicly Good 11/10 ;3

gud game

i love it awsome work

OMG,finnaly out

You can't make a flash game to save your life; the buttons come up to fast before you have a good reaction time; and having to see the same animation over and over gets repetitive aswell.

Djjaner responds:

"You can't make a flash game to save your life" ...

Kelzad movie helped me to combine parts into one (I have little RAM, so I asked him for help), so I said that he saved my game. I do not know why you gave me only one star, it's a game do not know how play and still brings you back to the beginning, it's not my problem. Testers have confirmed that the game can finish without problem. It just requires patience. I recommend to give the game a chance than just silly evaluated.