Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

Love the concept of this game, but it's insanely challenging and nerve racking! It definitely kept me trying over and over again to get further :)

A very fun game. I like that rather than encouraging skill it's more about reflexes and memory which I like. It's irritating that the checkpoints are so few and far between though.

I really liked this game. Animation is great and all, but there's one problem I have with this game and it's how the checkpoints are SO GOD DAMN FAR BACK. I can make it half way through room and then I get screwed over and have to do it all again. Besides that, Really good

Alone in the Madness (pt.02) is a great game overall. The animations are terrific and the music really sets the mood.
However there were problems.
- For one thing, what can and cannot be clicked seems to be entirely random. There are some clues in the environment and on what the enemies are wearing or carrying, but for the most part it's just click (or don't click) a random box and hope it works.
- A number of the animations are almost exactly the same whether the wrong box is clicked or nothing is clicked. This often led to confusion thinking I had clicked the wrong box when it turned out I had missed the click.
- Sometimes the boxes don't respond when clicked. I'll think I had definitely clicked the box, but then it shows the animation where I failed to click.

The overall game is pretty fun once you get a feel for it, but respawning is too slow. It probably sounds lazy, but having to click every time you fail makes it feel a lot less fluid than if you just respawned instantly. That's part of the reason I loved the Boss Battle so much: Every failure immediately transitioned smoothly into the next attempt, which made the fight feel much more fast-paced and downright epic (Although the fact that you were a normal Grunt facing a Zombie Mag Agent is epic on its own).

The checkpoints sometimes feel a little too oddly placed. The section with the pressure plates and the laser scanner dragged on for a very long time before you got another checkpoint, while the one directly after with the locked doors I finished on my third try. If and when you make a third installment (And I hope you do), I'd suggest trying to average out the amount of clicks and amount of time each section takes so the level of difficulty feels a bit less random (Aside from Boss Battles, obviously, which should have more at stake to get the adrenaline pumping).

Overall, pretty good with some annoying bits, and I'm excited for more. 4 Stars.