Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

This game, is the the most unfun infuriating thing I've ever played.

I give my 5 stars, however it seems I'm too old to beat it, takes too much time to replay things.

Its really good am i right? yes it is , the only downside is the checkpoints very limited from start all over it does get frustrating but youll eventually get through it , and as for the quick time actions maybe increase the time on the next Part' of the game

Waiting for the 3rd! :D

0.05 HIT BOXES I LOVE THE GAME the problem it took me a LOT of time to finish it beacuse i know the way but i dont have time :/ when i finished i sayed FINALLY YES!! YES!!! YEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY :') 5 starts