Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

What's the Song through the game called i don't mean the last boss one i mean that ambient one
oh and btw i love your work mate :D

awesome! i always like these games cause' they help me reactions, that really helps in FPSes.

The game is not "hard". It's unfair and irritating.

Disregarding the tiny button hitboxes and the short response times, my biggest quip with the game is that in order to register a quick-time event, I have to 1) Initiate the click inside the button 2) release the click while also still inside the button.

Sometimes, I'm to tense to do #2 correctly. Other times, I do #2 right but mess up #1 which results in me thinking the game didn't register my input because of lag or a bug.

Good, but aggravating and too quick, unsuspecting.

So, sometimes it doesn't let me click the squares like the one time where the zombie tackles you and you have to jump off in order to avoid spikes, it wont let me click those sort of buttons, and I end up dying -_- Other then that, This game is really good!