Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

I don't get why so many people act like this was so bad. If you ask me, it was probably the best thing produced for Madness day 2016. I really think the animation was amazing and the final boss was exhilarating. If I was too complain, I'd say there should be a difficulty setting for those who are complaining. Still, great job, and please keep making more!

This game hard but next game should be harder
I beat this game in 30 minute only!

I play this game 1 hour and i have angry face but this game is Funny and hard

I would like to rate it, "angry face" for how difficult it was, but a 4 for how fun it was. I think i beat it about 100 tries, wear am i on the leaderboard for tries?

can't wait to see part 3 :D

next time can there be hardness levels to pick cuz it takes some time to figre moves dat is all
oh best game ever ! :D