Reviews for "Alone in the Madness (pt.02)"

Awesome,this is So funny,thx Djjaner And MadCzech this is the best game

My god... This game is hard, but it does feel awarding when you beat it. Keep up the great work.

i mean this game made me rage

Djjaner responds:

i know...

its really cool! but i cant kill that zombie with the axe everytime i click his head he wont die

Brings tears to my eyes, This game is so fucking good, It's like the walking dead, And also such a wonderful sound track at the end with the zombie, I love these fucking madness games and animations, All tho they take a while to make (Madness 11 came out a few weeks/days ago) They are still in my heart and will be forever, 10/10 Best fucking game.