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Reviews for "A Night with Marcella and Arnie"

Good start to a game. Love that Marcella isn't a stick of a woman. That Arnie is a bit older himself, makes them more believable as characters. However, your 3d art program is leaving me deep in the creepy side of the uncanny valley. Very reminiscent of Christie's Room or Sharks Lagoon style of games. Not a bad thing, but not necessarily a good thing.
I'd also recommend either a warning concerning sound or a way to turn off the music.

fleetp responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The updated release has volume controls.

Not bad, not the greatest, but not bad

Cute, I like it.

fleetp responds:

Thank you for the comment and rating!

Ok, rating, this game has a nice idea.
The graphic need to improved more ( I recommend using 2D graphic since it is easier to make and somehow look nicer. )
You should add more sound and the 18+ view need to be longer because if you just left click, the 18+ view will be just like 3 secs.
3.0 stars , keep up the great work.

First of all, SHUT UP sielxm3d. You fucking idiot, this is a review and not some place for you to complain in your broken English over the 'genre' not 'gender' of a game. Don't like it? Why the fuck are you even here?? Fucking degenerate should go rot somewhere in your grandma's basement.

As for this game, it's not bad assuming you're a first timer in making this sort of game. Reminds me of Christie's Room since they produce similar games.

There's also a bug that grey screens everything after a few scenes, not sure if that was intentional or requires fixing. Other than that, it had a story which shows some extent of effort and I agree with tjktakbuonngu about his points.