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Reviews for "A Night with Marcella and Arnie"

the grey screen with text and soud effects were great, keep up the good work, maybe a black screen next time.

Not bad at all. Good characters; I love that Marcella isn't your standard 3d-studio stock model stick figure, too. Overall a good first showing. Keep it up!

fleetp responds:

Thanks. Marcella is a combination of several morphs for Victoria 4.

Nice try, keep it up and you'll do better stuff in no time.

The VN engine interface looks clunky as hell tho, I'd suggest finding something a bit more... Up to date. You already use DAZ Stuff so spending a few bucks in a copy of TyranoBuilder (naming that one as an example) shouldn't be too much of a big deal.
Either that or spending a bit of time getting some basic stuff together to fix what you have up a bit.

Also you might want to check on the music you used, 5-second loops get annoying FAST.

Not bad, not the greatest, but not bad

Good start to a game. Love that Marcella isn't a stick of a woman. That Arnie is a bit older himself, makes them more believable as characters. However, your 3d art program is leaving me deep in the creepy side of the uncanny valley. Very reminiscent of Christie's Room or Sharks Lagoon style of games. Not a bad thing, but not necessarily a good thing.
I'd also recommend either a warning concerning sound or a way to turn off the music.

fleetp responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The updated release has volume controls.