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Reviews for "The Splitting: Chapter 2"

Good game but I cant get past the receptionist at the asylum

FireberryStudio responds:

A walkthrough is now available :)


Hope it helps!

I tried to start playing the game and it won't let me do anything passed him saying 'Okay, I'll go'. It did it twice, then I tried a third time and it got stuck even sooner. :<

Having the same issue as ChoiLatte. It's on the mirror side of the asylum's button room. I closed the closet door with 3 books on the bench. I cannot open the closet because it says i'll lose the books when the room resets. I am not given the option to pick up a book; only choices are to look and climb. I can hang the key on the hook and reclaim it, but other than that i am trapped :(

FireberryStudio responds:

Thank you! We were able to locate the bug and fix it!
You can now continue from where you left off. Now you can pick up one of the books from the mirror bench, and continue playing. Thanks again!

Great game, the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the character doesn't always agree with you. Oh, by the way, minor spoilers ahead.

I try picking up another cloth from under the vase to clean off the moldy mirror in the asylum but no, he "doesn't want to break the vase again", which really doesn't even make sense when he can just reset it again. Also, I partially understand this one because he's telling you that you don't need to go back, but when you try leaving the asylum through the window you came into, he says he "shouldn't leave until he find's llehctiM's friends".

Other than this issue of the character deciding what he "wants to do" (don't get me wrong, this mechanic can be used in a good way, but breaking a vase?), keep up the good work!

I thought this game was wonderful and I can't wait for chapter 3! I'm captivated by the story and I'm excited to see where it goes. The only problem I had was with the music. At one point all of the different tracks had started to overlap each other. It was about where I was trying to find llehctim's asylum friends and using the mirrors to get in the other rooms, a little bit after I had gotten in to that wing. Who knows, maybe it's just my crappy laptop, but I thought I should let you know regardless. Keep up the good work!